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Subject: Chess program Bringer 1.8 released

Author: Gerrit Reubold

Date: 14:01:13 04/10/01

Hi all,

the new version of my program, Bringer 1.8, is ready for download from my

What's new?

- SEE (smart exchange evaluator), avoids calculating obviously bad moves
- Search: more selective, deeper, unfortunately more risk to overlook something
- Hashtables not cleared after every move anymore
- Stronger than 1.7, maybe :-)

- Colors: light squares / dark squares / background can be set by the view menu
(or right-clicking the mouse on the board)
- Highlight last move
- optimized for Windows 2000 (better file handling)
- Communication Bringer <-> ChessBase optimized
- Sounds may be choosen by the user
- Doubleclick the notation window to jump to the selected move
- on first start: select language

- Piece values can be defined by the user
- Bringer's strength can be reducded (set Elo ...)
- Various possibilities to adjust the engine

Your feedback, comments, critics etc. are appreciated.

Have fun,

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