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Subject: Re: Something More About Chess Challenger 7

Author: Karsten Bauermeister

Date: 17:11:51 04/13/98

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Hi Marc (Loftus),

unfortunatelay I have no tournament results of Chess Challenger (1). In
fact this model was the first serial chess computer ever made. Some time
before (in August 1976) the very first chess computer was presented at
the toys-fair at New York! This model was built by a american firm named
"Mostek". But this computer never came on the market (perhaps it was
just a dummy?!), so the real first one was the chess challenger. Should
I mistake in this thing, it would be very interesting for me!
It was only sold on the american market and therefore it never played in
any European tournament. Because I live in Germany, I don't know, if
there were any results in other countries. After about 1.000 pieces it
was replaced by the Chess Challenger 3. This name was offical, because
of its three playing levels.
First computers played in tournaments in Germany (perhaps in Europe)
were the Challenger 10-models of autumn 1978 against Compuchess and
Boris. Before that there were no computer opponents and no weak enough
human ones!?
Playing against it was not easy, because rows and lines were confused!
So you had to type in 5d5e for example for the first move (e2e4)! You
see, this one was really a toy, not a serious chess computer. More the
computer didn't know en passant, so it was very difficult to play chess
with it.
Because of its search depth about only one single ply, I would estimate
his strength of about 1000 elo. Something I would call: "A player, who
knows someone, who knows the rules!"

I can't agree to that, what Marc Young said. My model (I am still a
proud owner of one Chess Challenger 1!) could set mate (but I will
examine this in the next days): One really impressive (and
shortest!)Mate is the following:

1.Ng1-g5 ??!! e7e5 2.Qd1xf7 MATE! As you can see, another problem with
the first chess challenger was, it didn't control human input!


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