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Subject: Using 2 machines for matches (Linux)

Author: Jon Dart

Date: 18:03:30 06/24/01

I'm trying to set up xboard for running matches using two
networked machines. I use ssh instead of rsh and have gotten
it set up so xboard communicates using this program. But
the behavior I get is:

1st chess engine (mine) makes a move.
2nd chess engine starts up and returns a move.
1st chess engine makes a move
2nd chess engine terminates

I've seen this with both Phalanx and Sjeng. It even happens
matching Arasan against itself.

The error given by xboard is that the 2nd program was
"Killed by Signal 2", which is SIGINT. I'm puzzled because
all these engines call signal(SIGINT,SIG_IGN) on startup.

Anyone had success with this?


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