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Subject: Re: Using 2 machines for matches (Linux)

Author: Jon Dart

Date: 20:49:06 06/24/01

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I got a little farther with this.

The Winboard protocol version 2 has support for a "feature" option
that keeps xboard from sending SIGINT (sigint=0), and Sjeng in fact
sets this. So I set the xboard options to use protocol version 2.
When I did this I got a warning at runtime
"Interface does not support a required feature...expect trouble."
but in fact it seems ok. It doesn't terminate prematurely anyway.
(I added this feature setting to the Linux version of Arasan also).

I had to hack the Sjeng source a little more so that Sjeng can find
its opening book (I couldn't find any option to select where it
was located, and when operating in 2-machine mode, the "sd" option
to xboard is ineffective). So Sjeng works now. Phalanx is no doubt
fixable too but maybe not as easily - it doesn't support the new

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