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Subject: Re: Authors and programs. The compiled list (a few left out)

Author: Danniel Corbit

Date: 12:47:45 05/14/98

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Arasan chess by Jon Dart

Chenard by Don Cross

The Clikchess team:
	Don Dailey
	Runako Godfrey
	Aske Plaat
	Charles Leiserson,
	Larry Kaufman
	Chris Joerg

The Socrates Team:
Lead Programmers
	Don Dailey
	Christopher F. Joerg
Project Team
	Robert D. Blumofe
	Matteo Frigo
	I.M. Larry Kaufman
	Dr. Bradley C. Kuszmaul
	Prof. Charles E. Leiserson (Project Leader)
	Keith Randall
	Rolf Riesen (Sandia National Labs)
	Dr. Yuli Zhou

The StarTech Massively Parallel Chess Program by Bradley C. Kuszmaul

Rule based engame solver by Herbeck Barth

AliBaba by Dennis Breuker

Cray Blitz, Crafty by Robert Hyatt

The Turk:
The students (doing all the work):
	Yngvi Bjornsson
	Andreas Junghanns
The supervisors (doing all the talk):
	Jonathan Schaeffer
	Tony Marsland

NeuroChess by Sebastian Thrun

SAL by Michael Gherrity

The Morph project headed by Robert Levinson

Notchess (?) by Dr. A. N. Walker

Xboard by Tim Mann

Brute Force by Louis Kessler

Zarkov by John Stanback

DarkThought  by Markus Gille and Ernst A. Heinz

Deep Thought by Thomas Anantharaman

Grandmaster Chess (NOW) & Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess by Mark Lefler
and Jeff Mallett

pchess by Dale Sharp

BELLE by Ken Thompson

PION by H.J. van den Herik

Echec, Cumulus, Ecume, Frenchess and Virtual Chess by Jean-Christophe

The Crazy Bishop by Remi Coulom

EXchess by Dan Homan

KC Chess by Craig Bruce and Kevin Philips

KnightCap by Andrew Tridgell

SAN by Steven Edward

SCP by Stanbeck

SSEChess by Sam Slutzky

TSCP and Stobor by Tom Kerrigan

ZZZZZZ by Gijsbert Wiesenekker

Green Light Chess by Tim Foden

Tjes by Marcel Nijman

Tristram by James F. Long

YChess by Roman Antonczyk

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