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Subject: Re: Don't pay DeKoening any more currency until he improves the King engine!

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 12:21:15 11/04/01

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On November 04, 2001 at 13:37:01, Drazen Marovic wrote:

>Chessmaster is the best selling program in the world, is it too much to ask for
>DeKoening to actually improve the engine at least a little in the next version?
> I feel as if the company that is paying him is being cheated.  No slaps against
>anyone i could be wrong, that's just my opinion.  I make the statement because i
>would like that engine to actually be improved it has a very nice style of play.

Uh, Johan already wasn't very happy, and I guess your post won't
be very motivating either :(

I talked with him about this during the game. It seems that he does
try a lot of new things, but usually ends up throwing them out again
because they prove to be worse than what he does now. I guess it may
be very hard to keep the King's nice style and make it stronger.
But he is working and the engine does improve.

Would you prefer a stronger engine (it's not like it's a pansy, it
was leading after the first week!), or one that actually plays
*interesting* games?


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