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Subject: Re: Who is the better chess program author?

Author: David Dory

Date: 10:25:23 12/13/01

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>Chess is a disappointingly simple game, even a human beginner
>>can create a master-level chess program.
>Actually it happened already. I guess it was around 1980, a guy who barely knew
>how to move the pieces created a program that took a good place (or even won) in
>the World Computer Chess Championship.
>Maybe Bob remembers. I seem to remember the guy was canadian. The name of his
>program was maybe Chaos or something like that.
>    Christophe

That would be Claude Jarry who could only tell how his program "L'Excentrique"
was doing by looking at the printout from the program.

Nevertheless, his program defeated the then world champ CHESS 4.9 in the first
round in the World Championships in Austria, 1980, so it was certainly strong!


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