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Subject: Fritz7 o-o-o bug

Author: Hans van der Zijden

Date: 16:36:43 12/23/01

[D] r2qk2r/pp2bpp1/2p1p1p1/8/2BP1Bn1/2N4P/PPQ2P2/R3K2R w KQkq - 0 15

I was analysing a game with Fritz 7 updated version. In this position I think
the best move is o-o-o, but Fritz did not show this move with the best 3 moves.
As soon as I played the move the evaluation for white goes up. Then I wondered
what the evaluation for o-o-o was before the move was made. So I kept pushing
"+". Fritz says there are 56 (should be 57)different moves in this position, but
when I had the first 56 moves showing, there still was no sight of o-o-o. When I
pressed "+" once more then finally Fritz sees there are 57 moves and o-o-o is
the best move.


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