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Subject: Re: One more time Delphi and UCI

Author: Martin Bauer

Date: 14:13:19 04/22/02

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On April 22, 2002 at 02:02:01, Tony Werten wrote:

>On April 21, 2002 at 17:33:01, Martin Bauer wrote:
>>So I thought this may be the problem and now I made a
>>console application - but the same problem: access violation. There are no
>>errors when compiling.
>>Any Ideas?
>My code only gives this when you're trying to read from the stdin but it is not
>started with a pipe. But then again, my code doesn't use a thread object.

With the code posted in the message above I get the access violation if the
engine is running under the the Fritz GUI or not - that does not matter. But I
have to start calculating. The thread is OK as long as the engine is not
calculating, but when calculating it crashes.

What are you doing with the pipes?
May be this is the solution for my problem?
Have you written your code in delphi?
May be you would give me some lines of code for reading the commands at stdin?


Martin (frustrated ;-))

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