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Subject: Chess servers and auto reconnect: my elegant solution

Author: Edward Seid

Date: 08:34:30 12/07/02

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If disconnecting is your problem, I'd like to share my elegant (IMO) solution.

For my automatic chess server activities, I use 3 files.

1)  A batch file to start everything.
REM --
REM -- Start WinBoard in Zippy mode, and restart it each time it exits.
REM --

sleep 30
start /w winboard -debug @Frenzee.ini
sleep 30
goto loop

2) A seperate .ini file which loads AFTER (and overrides) the default
/zippyPassword apasswordhere
/zippyPassword2 anotherpasswordhere

/icsport 5000
/icshelper timestamp
/icslogon FRENZEE.logon

; Frenzee



/zippyMaxGames 10
/zippyReplayTimeout 3600

/zippyGameEnd='seek 10 0 f m\nseek 15 0 f m\nseek 25 0 f m\nresume\naway\n'

3) A file with the account login info
seek 10 0 f m
seek 15 0 f m
seek 25 0 f m

The only other thing you need is the Sleep utility which can be found at

FRENZEE.BAT will pause 30 seconds, then attempt to connect to ICC.  If it ever
disconnects, it will wait 30 seconds and try to reconnect.

If you ever want to stop playing, just close out the DOS console that is running
FRENZEE.BAT, and issue the 'exit' command in the Winboard/ICC console.

I hope that helps.

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