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Subject: Re: Chess servers and auto reconnect: my elegant solution

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 01:37:34 12/08/02

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On December 07, 2002 at 11:34:30, Edward Seid wrote:

Hi I tried your three bat file approach.

There seem to be a small problem. It opens and closes, opens and closes every 30
seconds. :)


>If disconnecting is your problem, I'd like to share my elegant (IMO) solution.
>For my automatic chess server activities, I use 3 files.
>1)  A batch file to start everything.
>REM --
>REM -- Start WinBoard in Zippy mode, and restart it each time it exits.
>REM --
>sleep 30
>start /w winboard -debug @Frenzee.ini
>sleep 30
>goto loop
>2) A seperate .ini file which loads AFTER (and overrides) the default
>/zippyPassword apasswordhere
>/zippyPassword2 anotherpasswordhere
>/icsport 5000
>/icshelper timestamp
>/icslogon FRENZEE.logon
>; Frenzee
>/zippyMaxGames 10
>/zippyReplayTimeout 3600
>/zippyGameEnd='seek 10 0 f m\nseek 15 0 f m\nseek 25 0 f m\nresume\naway\n'
>3) A file with the account login info
>seek 10 0 f m
>seek 15 0 f m
>seek 25 0 f m
>The only other thing you need is the Sleep utility which can be found at
>FRENZEE.BAT will pause 30 seconds, then attempt to connect to ICC.  If it ever
>disconnects, it will wait 30 seconds and try to reconnect.
>If you ever want to stop playing, just close out the DOS console that is running
>FRENZEE.BAT, and issue the 'exit' command in the Winboard/ICC console.
>I hope that helps.

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