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Subject: Re: Old chess computers.

Author: Steven Juchnowski

Date: 18:29:08 09/19/98

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On the subject of old chess computers, apart from owning a
Novag SuperConstellation, I also pocess a SciSys (Saitek) Mark V
and a Turbostar 432.

My impression was that Turbostar was slightly stronger than
SuperConstellation at slower tournament play, but very much inferior
at blitz chess.

The Mark V which was released about 1982 was very weak but
was probably one the first chess computers to have an analysis
function. The analysis function was quite rudimentary compared
to todays programs as it only predicted the opponents next move.
The Mark V did not use a sensor chessboard, the moves were
keyed in.

The release of the SuperConstellation represented a leap in playing
strength particularly at blitz chess. The SuperConstellation was used
as a baseline by competitors for assessing playing strength of their


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