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Subject: Re: Old chess computers.

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 12:52:06 09/20/98

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On September 19, 1998 at 21:29:08, Steven Juchnowski wrote:

>On the subject of old chess computers, apart from owning a
>Novag SuperConstellation, I also pocess a SciSys (Saitek) Mark V
>and a Turbostar 432.
>My impression was that Turbostar was slightly stronger than
>SuperConstellation at slower tournament play, but very much inferior
>at blitz chess.
>The Mark V which was released about 1982 was very weak but
>was probably one the first chess computers to have an analysis
>function. The analysis function was quite rudimentary compared
>to todays programs as it only predicted the opponents next move.
>The Mark V did not use a sensor chessboard, the moves were
>keyed in.
>The release of the SuperConstellation represented a leap in playing
>strength particularly at blitz chess. The SuperConstellation was used
>as a baseline by competitors for assessing playing strength of their

May I differ with you respect the point of which computer made the leap? I think
that the frog was Chess Champion Challenger, 1980 vintage, programmed by
Spracklen team. It was a very strong -for his time- machine, something an order
of magnitude superior to what existed before his birth.  The USA Elo was 1773,
around 15500 or 1550 international elo and played very well with a good opennign

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