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Subject: Java versus C Speed Comparison

Author: Graham Laight

Date: 09:36:19 01/06/03

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On January 06, 2003 at 08:51:31, scott farrell wrote:

>>single cpu K7 1.6Ghz 70k nps - 80k nps for DIEP.
>That seems extremely slow.
>Crafty does about 600Knps on about a PIII-1000.
>My little chompster under java does about 70-80Knps on a PIII-1000, it is bit
>board also (dare I mention that?).
>I am guessing that you are using compiled c/c++ and maybe some assembler.

Java is a compiled language - it ought to be nearly as quick as C.

Does anyone have compilers for both languages?

It would be very interesting to do a simple for loop (with a simple action in
the loop) to compare the relative speed of the two languages.

One big advantage of Java is, of course, that it can be used on any platform
which has a JVM - thus eliminating compatibility problems in theory.

Also, is your Java chess program on the WWW?  If so, please post the address.

Take care,

>Do you have a heavier eval than crafty, more SEE type evals ?
>I ahve seen many other amateur program do arounf the 80-100Knps speed, and many
>commericials are more like crafty, in the 500-1000Knps.

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