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Subject: Re: Nodes per second........

Author: John Coffey

Date: 14:41:04 09/26/98

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On September 26, 1998 at 17:28:56, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On September 26, 1998 at 17:21:58, James Robertson wrote:
>>What is a reasonable number of NPS for a program to search if it has an average
>>sized evaluation procedure? I.E. what does Crafty get? Chessmaster? Comet? My
>>program started out searching a very nice number of nodes per second, but as I
>>added stuff that number decreased dramatically from about 600,000 to 160,000. By
>>the time I finish the evaluation function (which is currently like 20 lines),
>>I'm afraid it will be down to like 5,000 NPS on my P233! At what point should I
>>get worried?
>When it starts to play badly.
>How did you achieve 600K nps on a normal machine?  Are you counting nodes the
>way most of the rest of us are?  The way most of us do it is that a node is a
>call to "search" or "quies", regardless of what happens after the call is made
>(a node that cuts off via the hash table is still counted).

I think that a person could easily write a program that would do 1M nodes per
second (i.e throw out hashing, null moves, move ordering etc.), but it would be
pretty dumb, because it would examining all sorts of branches of the tree that
it would not need to examine.

John Coffey

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