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Subject: Re: a question to Tord about detecting threats in null move

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 00:28:30 10/05/03

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On October 05, 2003 at 03:12:28, Ed Schröder wrote:

>On October 04, 2003 at 21:24:07, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>>You were never good in quoting.
>>Show me.
>I am sure there are enough members here who remember your silly claims, DIEP was
>the strongest analyze program of the world, your own words. At the time it gave
>a nice and juicy discussion where you made a clown of yourself. It's all
>recorded in Google, RGCC, 1997.
>Point is, you were calling Uri a clown which is not very brotherly and that is
>softly speaking, in fact it was quite humiliating. So I gave some taste of your
>own medicine.
>>You're even telling me back in 1997 that Rebel didn't rely for
>>positional scores at piece square tables. I was at the time forced by you to
>>correct it in my homepage.
>>Even in 2003 we can proof rebel is a preprocessor though :)
>>It is sad that your quoting is very limited. Not even in your homepage what is
>>in Rebel is quoted correctly.
>>It is real sad.
>Surely the best defense is to counter attack :-) but dear Vince I have never
>denied there is some (1-2%) pre-processor stuff in Rebel.
>Please try again, but pick something better.... :)
>My best,

It took me only a couple of minutes to find the relevant RGGC stuff, enjoy.



From: brucemo (
Subject: Unsubstantiated claim in the Diep homepage
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Original Format
Date: 1997/01/17

Here is a web page address:

Here is the first paragraph of that web page:

"Diep is without doubt the strongest chess analysis program
in the world at infinite level (few hours a move). The
longer you allow it to analyse the better the move it will
produce, something which is uncommon for most other
chessprograms, caused by the enormeous chessknowledge in
Diep, which is at the time still considerably growing every
month (and decreasing the Diep searchspeed)."


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