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Subject: Remarkable Friedel Interview about the X3D-match

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 06:57:59 11/03/03


Is X3D the sponsor of the match? Are there other sponsors?

X3D is the sole sponsor of the Kasparov vs X3D Fritz match. The company is
investing a very large sum into it - considerably over a million dollars. And it
is planning to stage an "X3D Computer Challenge" like this every year, making it
bigger and more attractive each time. There will be a gigantic television and
Internet coverage of these events. During the last match the main Internet
coverage partner was AOL. This time other major portals will be joining in as
partners. There will be many millions of viewers during the live coverage.


Is all of this a big show, or does it have chess value?

When the strongest human chess player of all time plays a classical time control
match against the strongest chess program in the world it has tremendous chess


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