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Subject: Re: Using Chessbase GUI to play in CCT6

Author: enrico carrisco

Date: 15:39:23 01/23/04

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On January 23, 2004 at 18:12:11, Peter Berger wrote:

>On January 23, 2004 at 16:59:27, enrico carrisco wrote:
>>Really a moot point in my opinion.  With the Chessbase function to export to
>>PGNs, I have a good idea where many engine books originate, even if not used
>>with the CB GUI.
>I guess you have *any* evidence for this claim ? It can't be the Hiarcs book
>that is used for this I reckon ( slight pun intended ;) ) .
>I think I have a good idea from what some amateur engine books originate, and
>it's usually effort or more or less clever solutions by their programmers. Games
>from cct-1 to cct-5 are availlable to the public - could you please be so kind
>to point out even one entry that might support your suggestion?

No, you're right..  On second thought, I doubt it ever takes place.  Even though
many amateurs ask to use the CB GUI in events for the books, I'm sure the ones
who don't ask just write their books from ground zero.

Nevertheless, it doesn't bother me a bit -- pure book wins are not excessively
glorious.  We could play the tournament with no books for all I care.


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