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Subject: Re: Using Chessbase GUI to play in CCT6

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 16:50:21 01/23/04

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On January 23, 2004 at 18:39:23, enrico carrisco wrote:

>On January 23, 2004 at 18:12:11, Peter Berger wrote:
>>On January 23, 2004 at 16:59:27, enrico carrisco wrote:
>>>Really a moot point in my opinion.  With the Chessbase function to export to
>>>PGNs, I have a good idea where many engine books originate, even if not used
>>>with the CB GUI.
>>I guess you have *any* evidence for this claim ? It can't be the Hiarcs book
>>that is used for this I reckon ( slight pun intended ;) ) .
>>I think I have a good idea from what some amateur engine books originate, and
>>it's usually effort or more or less clever solutions by their programmers. Games
>>from cct-1 to cct-5 are availlable to the public - could you please be so kind
>>to point out even one entry that might support your suggestion?
>No, you're right..  On second thought, I doubt it ever takes place.  Even though
>many amateurs ask to use the CB GUI in events for the books, I'm sure the ones
>who don't ask just write their books from ground zero.
>Nevertheless, it doesn't bother me a bit -- pure book wins are not excessively
>glorious.  We could play the tournament with no books for all I care.

Are you serious? Are you using irony ? I can't know.

I assume for now that you think the hinted behaviour of (some?most?all?)
amateurs, namely to cheat by robbing professional books, does take place. I
asked you a serious question - the games of all ccts are open for everybody to
cross-check - show me one entry in these tournaments that did this. I have
replayed all games and think it never happened. You are free to disagree, but
then please provide some data.

Why do I care ? That's probably obvious to you - Hiarcs participated in cct-3
and cct-4 - in both tournaments it lost to Gerrit Reubold's program "Der
Bringer" , that I operated. He is a friend of mine. Hiarcs lost both of these
games. In cct-3 this mattered to some extent, as it was the only game Hiarcs
lost during the tourn - in cct-4 it wasn't doing too great anyway, so I assume
Bringer is one likely candidate of your accuse.

When it is about cct-3 - simply _all_ aspects : tournament repertoire, basic
book +  engine are offered for free download for everybody at . The Bringer repertoire was simplistic to the
extreme, as everyone can easily see and reproduce - I doubt it was much more
than 20 changes to the default PGN book. The engine simply did better in this
special case. There surely was nothing special about the repertoire :).

I am not sure which book was used in cct-4 , where Bringer finished 7th and
Hiarcs 18th - probably the Berlin book used in Thorsten's tournament . Again,
nothing special or mysterious about it - if you are interested, I will send it
to you anytime - it's a bit more complicated, but frankly - it really isn't that
great anyway, and most probably no improvement at all, just very detailed :).

This is about ethics, and ethics mainly. This is a serious topic, when it is
about me, even as a humble beta-tester who did very little to further engine
development itself . It is also about respect though.


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