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Subject: Re: MCP8 - Rebel8, SSDF

Author: Harald Faber

Date: 01:44:18 12/08/98

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On December 07, 1998 at 17:31:48, Heiko Mikala wrote:

>>>>>MCP8 have an astounding opening book.
>>>>>It have 6.291.456 positions in 61,44 MB hash.
>>>>>It follows the book generally in 15-30 moves.
>>>>>In the game below, it's in the book for 40 moves!
>>>>Now the all decisive question: with which evaluation did MCP8 come out of
>>>>If more than +2.00 then we can almost be sure to have a killer line.
>>>MCP8 gives 41.Kf1 Qxf3+ mate in 8.
>>OK, THIS IS A KILLERLINE. Probably taken from an autoplayer game Sandro
>>and/or Marty added to the book...
>Rebel 8 has such lines against MChess too. In one of my tournaments it played a
>french opening against MChess Pro 5 completely out of book up until the point
>where MChess saw the mate against itself...

Wow! Could you please give me that game?
BTW I remember when Ed mentioned like he did implement also one (or some
more?) killerline because he wasn't satisfied with MCP's opening book full of
killerlines. He asked Marty if he found them. :-)
So probably YOU have found at least one of them. :-)
As far as I get MCP8 I'll check some other loosing lines too to see if Sandro
took them out.

>By the way, I love both programs, these are my favourites, so please don't
>misunderstand me. No war please ;-)

Don't get me wrong, I love MCP since version 5 and already ordered v.8. But I
like Rebel10 more than Rebel8. :-)
And I don't want to see killerlines, no matter of whom.

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