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Subject: Re: The Plot

Author: Christopher Conkie

Date: 14:04:25 08/29/04

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Hello Peter,

No, I was just saying that we don't talk about clones/cloning (El C. or any
other) in a forum that is for the support (by this we mean development) of
Arena. That's all. The Support Forum is,...well...for the Support of Arena...ged

As for the rest, I told you and now say it again (maybe you missed it) that I do
not wish to comment. I only commented on what applied to me.

You should ask the programmers of the engine, not me.

I am not/have never been aware of any company. Arena is freeware, some engines
are not.

If Arena is bundled with an engine, it would be logical to assume that it is the
engine that you pay for.

Ktulu 5.x for example is a commercial engine although 4.x versions are free.

I just do my job as an admin elsewhere to the best of my ability as does Richard
here, and a very good job he does too. :-)

Kind Reagrds


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