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Subject: Re: The Plot

Author: Peter Skinner

Date: 13:40:49 08/29/04

Go up one level in this thread

My point was that ElChinto was an "Arena" supported program, and it was
_advised_ not to talk about it in your forums, yet that is _exactly_ where it

If you going to offer programs bundled with Arena, prepare for the backlash if
anything were to happen to those programs.

If Elchinto was bundled with Ruffian 2.0.0 (since I don't currently have it
installed I can not say for sure), are you stating that it is not a matter for
the PLAYWITHARENA website as you are the ones bundling it?

Can I get a refund if that is the case? Obviously your company supplied false
advertising, as Elchinto was not an original work, and has been distributed
without the permission of Robert Hyatt. Clearly breaking his copyright. Or does
Robert now get a percentage of the proceeds from that sale?

Of course not, because your company believes if it just closes it eyes, and
forums to the issue it will go away.

I don't expect anything else from you or Frank.


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