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Subject: The Plot

Author: Christopher Conkie

Date: 11:52:32 08/29/04

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Hello Peter,

I only wish to address point number 5, nothing else, since I see my name there.

Those of you that have a password for the Arena Support forum can go and read

Those that do not, are advised that the important part of this post is this....


We have two fora.

Event Forum - This is for tournaments, matches, mates. The reason why it is not
password protected is so that everyone can post the results of their interesting
tournaments. Anything to do with tournaments is OK there.

Support Forum - A very proactive place. This is for the improvement, support,
and .... this is the bit you have been waiting for.... (partner)
the context of how they work inside Arena. Not whether they are clones or not.

I can say to you that it is OK to talk about engines here with a view to the
development of Arena. Without engines Arena would not exist. Martin needs to
know how these engines perform, protocol issues, loading, unloading etc. All of
this helps with the support (there's that word again) of Arena. That is why this
place is called the Arena Support Forum.

The thread of which you speak was curtailed because it was off topic. We did not
see any use at all in discussing something which as you can see elsewhere,
turned into a fight. This is not the Clone Chess Club. No one was punished, just
politely advised that this was not the appropriate place.

The thread is alive (look down see Reinhard and I) in so much as looking for
ways to protect the programmers themselves. Not to talk about would be clones.

With regard to those who do not have password here, they are more than welcome
to email their wishes, improvements and bug reports for Arena to any of the
Administrators. The Administrator will post for them as required.

The current rules are there to prevent the loss of focus that has been displayed
so viciously elsewhere. If you think the guillotine is above your neck waiting
to fall , please don't. These are however testing times and we seek to maintain
a healthy, proactive environment for those who wish to create and improve.

If you look at the statistics for the Support Forum recently you will find that
it has approximately 800 visits a day. Not everyone posts, but they as you do
may just come to read.

The cost of this? Nothing. What must posters do? Think if the post is on topic
before they press that submit button.

I should also like to say that the humour in this place is still alive and well.
If you wish to post something that would cheer everyone up, is related to Arena
and its support, please feel free.

We also have here posts on new engine releases as well.

You can come out from behind the sofa.

Kind Regards



For your information, our decision (not Frank's, that means us the Admin's) was
easy because the subject matter does not follow the plot of the forum.

If you are a member you may contribute here.... Reinhard has already done, on matters relating to the future.

I personally read here (all by myself) and know that as the debate (which is
what it should be) moves forward, we see many positive points of view. One day
soon we may all arrive a mutual agreement on the way to protect both programmers
material and the websites that host that material, until then, this is my
personal view.

I hope this information is helpful to you and hope that this explains everything
that you need to know.

The other points that you make are outwith what I should like to comment on.

Kind Regards


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