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Subject: Some remarks about Hydra in Bilbao, by Chrilly Donninger

Author: Enrique Irazoqui

Date: 12:49:07 10/11/04

I have Chrilly's permission to post these remarks he emailed me about Hydra:

"Winning against GMs has to a certain extent already lost its charm. We are
already in the position were we can only lose. I personally think that this
expectation overestimates the capabilities of the program. But it is a matter of
fact that this version played 8 games against top GMs, won 6 and made 2 draws.
Gives an Elo-rating of >2900."

"Leonxto (Leontxo García, well known chess journalist from Spain) wrote in El
Pais: "y ademas muestra uns unaudita "comprension" de la estrategia" (and it
also shows an unheard of "understanding" of the strategy). Actually it has no
idea at all about this. It has some simple rules like "It is beneficial to
attack the area around the opponent king, to attack opponent pieces, to control
the center. It knows a little bit what abut bad/good bishops, when is the knight
stronger than the bishop". The big surprise for me was, that even this simple
rules were sufficient to know that the exchange of the light-squared bishop of
Ponomariov in the first match was not the best idea. The evaluation went up a
1/4 of a pawn. Generally I saw no GM move which had some flavour of geniality (I
am speaking only of the Hydra-games). The moves which really surprised me (e.g.
Qe2 after Nc4 in the last match) were done by Hydra."

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