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Subject: Problem (small bug?) with Nalimov TBs

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 03:18:12 01/23/05

As many of you will know, the interface code of Eugene does support (at least)
two naming conventions. For kpk white to move, the external filename may be
kpk.nbw.emd or kpknbw.emd. Eariler I had most files with the former naming
(which gave some trouble for real DOS based programs). After a HD-crash, I had
to download TBs again. The ftp server of Robert Hyatt was nonfunctional, so I
downloaded from (which linked to some ftp). They used the
convention with the single dot. Because I have all the TBs installed, I expect
my program to say "egtb probes m, found n" where m is equal n. Just now, it
appeared, that n was slightly smaller n. I investigated this, and it turned out,
that probes failed for some knnpk positions. The TBs were there, however, and I
also checked them with "datacomp t". I renamed

ren knnpknbb.emd knnpk.nbb.emd
ren knnpknbw.emd knnpk.nbw.emd

and all positions were found again. Strange, especially, when we consider that
most TBs work with the middle dot missing. I did not investigate the source code
to find the reason. Perhaps Eugene will know it, and he might be able to easily
fix it.

IIRC the Nalimov code I am using is based on Crafty 19.12 (with one other bug I
had reproted earlier removed).


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