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Subject: Re: Fix

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 03:51:05 01/23/05

Go up one level in this thread

Here it is line 6451, which reads

		if ((NULL == fp) && (iTb <= tbid_kqqkq))
			// Check for kxykznb?.emd (8+3 format)

change it to

#if defined (T41_INCLUDE)
		if ((NULL == fp) && (iTb <= tbid_kqqqk))
		if ((NULL == fp) && (iTb <= tbid_kqqkq))

Idea should be clear. I wonder, why this has to be restricted anyway?

My first post did forget to mention other naming conventions supported as well.

kpk_nbw.emd and kpk_nbw_emd


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