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Subject: About DanChess in cct7

Author: Daniel Shawul

Date: 21:09:45 02/07/05

Hello every one,
  I read in the threads below that some people still suspect
danchess to be a clone. It is not a clone of any engine . If any body has any
doubts  , he can ask me and i can send the source to a reliable person so that
it is checked. But please don't make posts here and there telling what you think
it is.
   Danchess is participating in every other tournament because
it is found not to be a clone. In WBEC for example a group of people checked it
and found it not to be a clone so it is participating. There is no place ,at
least one that i know of, that danchess is not particaipating because of this
I have sent my source to Hyatt a couple of times but i do not know if he checked
it or not,becaues i have got no response. If he wants  i can send it to him
again,but it will only be a waste of his time and mine since there is no
   My current version is as strong as crafty even better which i am very proud
of. Check the games at AEGT where danchess trashed crafty 7.5 - 2.5.
somepeople just like talking about others. I like to work rather than talk.
I am sorry if i sounded very pompous but that is not  my intention.

best wishes

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