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Subject: programmers or people with online engines: arena with ICC

Author: Joel

Date: 17:50:14 03/14/05

Hi All,

I recently rewrote my old engine bodo (as seems to be the fashion these days)
from scratch, and I have only coded in UCI support at the moment, since it
looked like 10% of the work for me to implement the winboard protocol.

I have the latest Arena installed on my computer, and my engine has no trouble
running engine vs engine games, or analysing a position.

What I used to do with my old winboard engine was to have a dedicated machine
playing 24/7 on ICC. On startup, a batch script with the relevant command line
parameters was kicked off, and my engine would then automatically play
unattended on ICC. I would like to know whether this is possible or practical
with Arena? What are other peoples setups?

So far I have failed...

I tried running Arena with the "ics" command line parameter, and it runs and
pops up a big dialog box asking me to connect. I had arena startup with my new
chess program as its "fcp".

Is there an easy way to make the program automatically connect using a certain
profile at startup?

I checked every option I could see for the profile settings, and also looked at
the other command line arguments, and didn't see anything which could help me.


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