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Subject: Re: Fruit fly races

Author: Anthony Cozzie

Date: 16:46:56 04/06/05

Go up one level in this thread

First, the author of this quote is simple WRONG.  The generally accepted theory
of how humans play chess is that the brain does fuzzy matching on a database of
several hundred thousand positions.  The amount of computation needed to do that
is FAR greater than the amount expended by a "conventional" AB searcher, and yet
the computer plays MUCH better than the average human.  The simple fact of the
matter, which you refuse to recognize, is that AB-search with reasonable
heuristics is the most efficient way to play chess with Von Neuman machines.

Secondly, the existence of current amateur and commercial programs does nothing
to prevent you from writing whatever kind of chess playing agent you want.  If
you want to experiment, no one is stopping you or him from applying to NSF for
research money and giving it a shot.  The existence of "fruit fly races" - and
his fruit fly analogy is totally flawed.  A better analogy would be that a
geneticist decided to make a fruit fly that could run faster than a human - does
nothing to prevent casual study of one's own fruit flies.

But much more importantly, the fact that you do not consider current chess
programs to be interesting and prefer formal AI does not mean that you need to
consantly post about how all chess engines are stupidly simple and their authors
are morons with room temperature IQs.  What elevates this from stupidity to
irony is that Symbolic on ICC is in fact an AB searcher, which means that all
you have to show for your grandiose themes is a bunch of arrogant livejournal
nonsense and a standard chess program.  Once you actually get something working,
then we can talk.

I can stand arrogant people, and I can stand stupid people, but I simply cannot
tolerate people like you who are both clueless and arrogant as hell.  So why
don't you just STFU until you actually accomplish something?



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