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Subject: Ktulu mirage vanishing and precociously marketed shams always coming...

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 12:01:14 04/18/05

As teens, we love novelty. As they, we want to know every week of a new rock
star. In our case, a new darling chess program to shaken our progresive boredom
and satiation with  too strong and too similar products.
We have already seen many of these runs, but this time the novelty inside the
novelty is that the hoopla was not worth of even the regimental week of
enthusiasm. Sure, the iranian kid is a very talented one and perhaps he will
amaze us next year, but now, looking at the games posted here, it seems as Ktulu
is kind of a precociously marketed thing by a precociously greedy young man.
At least we can say, in his favor, that Ktulu deserves more our money than other
commercial stuff of dubious quality.
I wonder how some people dare to make business with merchandise lot inferior to
freeware stuff.

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