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Subject: Re: guilty until probed the opposite

Author: Cesar Contreras

Date: 05:40:31 05/30/05

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>The proofs shown would be enough for every court.

Not be so sure, as you can see many people think your probes are inconclusive.
Thanks god on most countries justice it's a little more advanced than this.

>The probability that an engine have the same behaviour in all of the above cases
>is 0,0000000005% (one of 2 Billion), and it's calculated in order to be on the
>safe side.

How did you got this number?  I think it's unfounded.

>didn't try to explain one of the similaries this are enough proofs for me.

I don't have fafis source to really determine if it's a clone or not. All i have
are your inconclusive evidence and the fact that i think rafael really knows
about chess programming, he is able to make a chess engine from scratch. I have
had very technical conversations with him and he knows about it. I think this
it's relevant, not conclusive but relevant.

You had many days (maybe weeks) to mount your case, i don't see why he can't
take dome days.

I know your efford it's for justice, but think you must reevaluate your methods.

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