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Subject: Re: guilty until probed the opposite

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 05:59:26 05/30/05

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On May 30, 2005 at 08:40:31, Cesar Contreras wrote:

>>The proofs shown would be enough for every court.
>Not be so sure, as you can see many people think your probes are inconclusive.
>Thanks god on most countries justice it's a little more advanced than this.
>>The probability that an engine have the same behaviour in all of the above cases
>>is 0,0000000005% (one of 2 Billion), and it's calculated in order to be on the
>>safe side.
>How did you got this number?  I think it's unfounded.

Very simple

The numbers 2% or 1% or 5% or 10% are already mentioned in his post.

>>didn't try to explain one of the similaries this are enough proofs for me.
>I don't have fafis source to really determine if it's a clone or not. All i have
>are your inconclusive evidence and the fact that i think rafael really knows
>about chess programming, he is able to make a chess engine from scratch.

It proves nothing.
A programmer can also make a clone and make a chess engine from scratch.


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