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Subject: Re: Chess GPL projects establish cheating communities

Author: Reinhard Scharnagl

Date: 08:57:43 06/18/05

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On June 18, 2005 at 11:52:03, Murano Lima wrote:

>On June 18, 2005 at 11:30:05, Gabor Szots wrote:
>>An excerpt from the readme of the new Fruit:
>> "added PV-node extensions (this is from Toga), e.g. extending
>>  recaptures only at PV nodes.  Not sure if these extensions help; if
>>  they do, we all need to recognise Thomas Gaksch's contribution to
>>  the community!"
>>In my opinion it does not matter whether they help. In my interpretation Fabien
>>uses something Thomas invented or something from his code. The same what Thomas
>>did (only to much less extent).
>>This adds to the confusion and controversion. What do we have now: two engines
>>or two personalities? Or more? Fruit 2.1 based on Toga II based on Fruit 2.0?
>>Ridiculous. The whole GPL is ridiculous.
>>Maybe Fabien intended to implement these PV-node extensions anyway. Thomas did
>>it _for him_ (!) and now Fabien has to refer to Thomas otherwise he would be a
>>I can only recommend to all authors not to publish their source code. At least
>>not if their engine plays too well. Maybe it is too late.
>Hi Gabor,
>I dont see your point.
>"Fabien has to refer to Thomas otherwise he would be a thief!"
>As you can see, Fabien has already referred to Thomas,
>you would certainly not have found out without his reference ;-)
>About confusion:
>I am not confused. Things are very clear.
>But I understand, that different people have
>different abilities to manage complexity.
>Did I mention that GPL is fantastic?

Hi Murano,

GPL might be interesting when developing new platforms, interfaces or standards.
But regarding chess programming as a brainsport, GPL projects are nothing else
than an unfair cheating communities. I am not talking about copyright questions.


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