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Subject: Re: FREE Hiarcs 7.01 update for Hiarcs 7.0 owners!

Author: Harald Faber

Date: 06:37:55 02/22/99

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On February 22, 1999 at 09:14:32, Dan Kiski wrote:

>>>>As a Hiarcs 4, 5, 6 and 7 customer I would say that yes the extra price is worth
>>>>what I am looking for. Windows features aren't that important to me and I value
>>>>th extra strenghth and the interconnection with Chess Assistant and the support
>>>>of EDP.
>>>>In addition, the Dell problem was fixed right away and that is a level of
>>>>service I haven't seen from many. The upgrade policy was easy and convenient to
>>>>previous buyers. Finally, Mark promised an free upgrade and deliveredon that
>>>The question was put to Mark about the price, I am also interested in his view
>>>as an owner of all the top SSDF programs excluding Hiarcs my logic has always
>>>followed how can it be justified double the price of all the others?.
>>I think it can't. For MCP8, Rebel10, Fritz5.32, Junior5, Nimzo99 and Hiarcs6 are
>>for half the prize and VERY strong there is no justification for Hiarcs7 to
>>demand for the double prize, neither is for Shredder3 and Genius6. Time has
>>But as long as there are still (enough) customers accepting that prize they
>>won't change it.
>>Another scenario is that with the next versions of Fritz, Rebel etc. there will
>>be a new round with DM200 programs...who knows.
>>And I am sure there wil be another mass to buy the progs just because they are
>Still waiting for Marks reply, however the fact of the mass market is sometimes
>lower your price and make more money as you will sell more quantity. Example I
>for One and I am sure others would buy at a price comparable with Fritz, Rebel
>and MCP etc.

That is always the question. You need to double the sold copies if you lower the
prize to the half. But will it really happen? It is always a risk. But at the
moment I guess it is none.

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