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Subject: Re: Zappa Report

Author: Ingo Althofer

Date: 10:02:43 12/30/05

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Thanks for the nice and insightful report!

Zappa wrote:
> ... People have wondered for months now why Fruit is so
> strong.  My opinion is that he simply has so few parameters
> to tune that he can get them exactly right :)

One comment on this: You should not see this as a joke.
It is one of the best arts to find the right SMALL set of
parameters and to tune them.

Some 12 years ago I had a technical article on this
("On telescoping linear evaluation functions") in the
ICCA Journal (now ICGA Jornal), Vol 16 (June 1993),
pp. 91-94, describing a theorem (of existence) which says
that in case of linear evaluation functions with lots
of terms there is always a small subset of the terms
such that this set with the right parameters is
almost as good as the full evaluation function.

Ingo Althofer.

PS: In motor biking Valentino Rossi is the
superstar, for several years already. One of
the secrets of his success is that he does not
try to tune everything at his engine - but
concentrates on the right handful of parameters.

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