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Subject: rybka more than a one trick pony

Author: Joseph Ciarrochi

Date: 16:06:07 03/07/06

Much is made of rybka's skill at getting and pushing passed pawns, and other
programs inability to recognize the danger of the passed pawns until it is too

I think probably the shredder and fruit programers are tyring to correct  this
blindness to passed pawns.

I have been noticing, though that this is not rybka's only strength compared to
other engines. Has anybody else noticed how rybka often seems better at getting
a rook in a dominant position, on the 7 rank (as white) or 2nd rank as black? It
also seems very good at using the rook to cut off the oponent king.

I played some games with rybka and crafty 19.x. You can see another major
advance since the crafty-is-king days. Crafty is very much attached to material,
and this was something that people used to say was a weakness in chess engines.
However, now, Rybka might be the best engine in the world at understanding when
it is a good time to sacrifice some material for imballance and an attack.

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