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Subject: Saboteur - A Java chess engine

Author: Josh Levine

Date: 23:05:31 10/08/99

  My name is Josh Levine, and I have an engine called Saboteur written in Java.
I guess this post is just to introduce Saboteur and myself to the CCC community.
 Saboteur plays mainly on FICS and is built from scratch.  While I did some
peeking at the Crafty code, most of the algorithms are my own.  Sabbie (its a
girl :) ) uses negascout, bitboards, transposition tables, pawn hashing, opening
database, and searches about 19000 NPS in middlegame.  I plan to implement some
form of book learning, and a neural key square evaluator which will prevent
shallow searches from being completely devoid of positional concepts.  Anyway,
if anyone is at all interested in Saboteur or me or both, post back.  Thanks for

Josh Levine

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