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Subject: Mate in ...?

Author: leonid

Date: 07:18:44 02/12/00


Please give your position that contain mate between 4 and 8 moves. Would like to
know the speed at which usually logic solve mates. I did this four years ago,
but then I was alone. Now data could be more diversified and useful for me as
for somebody else.

Until now positions presented here were almost all the time beyond 9 moves (18
plies). This make solution too long to find.

Please indicate your hardware and your game.

I will give,  for start, one very simple position that contain mate in 6 moves.
White to go.

/1q2kr2/rB2bbp1/3p1n2/1NpP2BN/P4P1p/1P2Q3/6PP/R3K2R/ White to go.

Thanks for your next position!

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