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Subject: Shirov strong tactical test position

Author: Dirk Frickenschmidt

Date: 03:36:27 09/23/97

Hi everybody,


I'm glad to return to computer chess again here after all the 
ad-hominem-BS in rgcc.


When I got Alexej Shriov (Top 10 GM in FIDE and PCA) to playing some 
blitz testgames against the then new Hiarcs6-engine recentlly and we 
talked about strong and weak sides of the new programs he came along 
with one of his favourite test positions from one of his very nice 
games (critical move 24, german notation having D for Q [queen], T for 
R [rook], L for B [bishop] S for N [knight], ):


Shirov,A (2695) - Piket,J (2625) [D52]

 Amsterdam Donner (6), 1995

 [Shirov /DF]


1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Sc3 Sf6 4.Sf3 e6 5.Lg5 Sbd7 6.e3 Da5 7.cxd5 Sxd5

 8.Dd2 Lb4 9.Tc1 h6 10.Lh4 0-0 11.Ld3 Te8!? N (11...e5) 12.a3 Lxc3

 13.bxc3 Dxa3 14.0-0 e5 [14...Df8!?] 15.Sxe5! [15.dxe5?! Dc5 with the

 idea 16...a5, 17...a4.] 15...Sxe5 16.dxe5 Dc5!? [16...Txe5 17.e4 Sb6

 18.f4 with the idea 19 f5.] 17.Kh1 Le6 [17...Txe5 18.e4 Th5?! 19.Lg3

 Sf6 20.Tce1!±] 18.e4 Sb6 19.f4 Lc4 20.Tf3! Lxd3 21.Txd3 Dc4?!

 [21...Kh7] 22.Te1 Kh7 23.Th3 Te6? [23...Dc5 24.Lg5! A) 24...Sc4

 25.Dd7! Df2 26.Tg1 Kg8 27.Lxh6 gxh6 28.Dg4+ Kf8 29.Txh6+-; B) 

 B1) 25.f5? Sc4 26.Df4 Sxe5 27.f6 Te6 28.Tf1 (28.fxg7 Dxg7 29.Lxh6 

 30.Txh6+ Dxh6 31.Dxe5 Tg8!÷) 28...Tae8 29.fxg7 Dxg7 30.Lf6 Dg6 31.Tg3

 Txf6 32.Dxf6 Dxf6 33.Txf6 a5; B2) 25.Tf1! 25...Kg8 (25...Te6 26.f5

 Txe5 27.f6+-) 26.De2! Te6 (26...hxg5 27.Dh5 f6 28.fxg5 Txe5 29.Dh7+ 

 30.Txf6++-) 27.f5 Txe5 28.Lf4 Ta5 29.f6 g5 30.Ld6 Dxd6 31.Txh6+-; C)

 24...Kg8 25.Lxh6 gxh6 26.f5! Df8 27.Txh6 Txe5 28.Th5! (28.Dg5+?! Dg7

 29.Dh4 Sd5!÷) 28...f6 29.Da2+ Sd5 (29...Df7? 30.Th8+ Kg7 31.Th7++-;

 29...Kg7? 30.Te3+-) 30.Te3!± with the idea 30...Kf7 31.Th7+ Ke8 

 Txe4 (32...Sf4 33.T3h4 Td8 34.h3 Txe4 35.Th8+-) 33.Db1 Sxc3 34.Txc3 




 [DF 24.Lg5!! An even stronger move winning right away found out later 


 Hiarcs6 didn't find the move overnight. Well, Fritz 5 found the idea in 
acceptable analysis time!  (P133 with only 4Mb Hash after 3hours 50 


24...gxf6 25.f5 fxe5™ 26.fxe6 Dxe6 27.Tf1 Sc4 [27...Tf8 28.Tf5 Kg7

 (28...Sc4 29.Df2 Kg7 30.Tg3+ Kh7 31.Tf6+-) 29.Txe5 Sc4 30.Tg3+ Kh7

 31.Txe6 Sxd2 32.Te7 a5 33.Td3 Sb3 34.Tf3 Sc5 35.Tf5 b6 36.Tfxf7+ Txf7

 37.Txf7+ Kg8 38.Tc7 Sxe4 39.Txc6 b5 40.c4 b4 41.Ta6+-] 28.Txh6+ Dxh6

 29.Txf7+ Kg6 30.Tf6+ Kxf6 31.Dxh6+ Ke7 32.Dg7+ Kd6 33.Dxb7 [33.Df6+ 

 34.De7++-] 33...Sb6 34.h4 Kc5 35.h5 a5 36.h6 1-0


I regard the critical position as a very useful test concerning the 
tactical abilities of a strong new new program (nothing more, nothing 
less). Remember: Fritz had to reach ply 16 to get the point.


Now I am curious to see what the latest versions of the other programs 
do on your different hardware?


Please post your results here.


Kind reagards, being back in computer chess


Yours Dirk


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