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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 20:52:48 09/25/97

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On September 25, 1997 at 18:09:35, Thorsten Czub wrote:


>Is ICCA for organizing championships and make them attractive, is it 

>offering a service to its paying members ?

> If so:

> Why isn't it helping Marty to participate when a championship without 

>Mchess would be less interesting.

I don't know what is happening with MChess.  Can you enlighten us?


>In the moment there is a question if Goliath (Mr.Borgstaedt) and 

>Heureka (Mr.Fischer) are participating with 2 different programs, or 

>maybe they have quite similar programs and have a double-entry.

What evidence is there for this?  This rumor also went around last 
year.  I sent mail to Borgstaedt last April asking if he was at 
Jakarta, and he said that they did have both of those entries, but it 
was two different code bases.


If you have any more evidence, I will pass it along to Tony.


>If so, the question is: is it senseful to exchange Heureka with 


> Does anybody remember the programs or programmers from JAKARTA ? 

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