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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 03:38:32 09/26/97

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>>In the moment there is a question if Goliath (Mr.Borgstaedt) and 

>>Heureka (Mr.Fischer) are participating with 2 different programs, or 

>>maybe they have quite similar programs and have a double-entry.


>What evidence is there for this?  This rumor also went around last 

>year.  I sent mail to Borgstaedt last April asking if he was at 

>Jakarta, and he said that they did have both of those entries, but it 

>was two different code bases.

How could anybody have evidence ??

 Nobody sees the source code.

 From my point of view Borgstaedt tried to release Goliath together with 
his partner Gerold Fischer.

 If he says :

 the source code is different

 what does this say ??

 That the search is a little different ?

 How many lines of code are different?

 I can participate with 4 programs and they all have DIFFERENT code 
cause in any version I have changed the code a little.

 Also: when you ask Borgstaedt, he will OF COURSE tell you the truth.




Nobody has evidence.

 How can anybody know about source-code of other people ?

 But we have suspicion because of the fact that they tried to release 

 comercially in germany. Many people ordered Goliath although there was 
never a program released.


But this is data Gambit can write books about...

 It is well known to any german gambit-soft customers cause Berthold 
Seifriz from Gambit soft opened his correspondance with Borgstaedt and 
put it on the server.

 The customers felt betrayed cause they have ordered and paid for a 
program that was not existing ! Anybody was angry. 


Goliath exists. I have a copy. It looks like Turbochess from the screen 
and is a text-engine. I had email-correspondance with Borgstaedt.

 But I was impossible to find out about this program in general. There 
is something strange with the program or the persons behind.

 The program plays weak, and i cannot believe that anybody would buy 
this text-engine...


>If you have any more evidence, I will pass it along to Tony.


>>If so, the question is: is it senseful to exchange Heureka with 


>> Does anybody remember the programs or programmers from JAKARTA ? 

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