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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 14:09:17 09/26/97

Go up one level in this thread

>Please don't post this old stuff, or post it somewhere else.

It not up to you to tell me where and what I write Bruce. It is up to 


>No, I mention that in this case I don't know why you are mad.  

I am not mad Bruce. You should not offend me in this forum without any 
reason, otherwise you will be the first guy who could be moderated and 
thrown out...:-)

 This would be - of course - a pity.


>I don't 

>know what happened, I can't form any opinion about what should have 

>happened differently.

Sometimes you really seem to have a lack of information !

 I don't know WHY this has to be, we are living in internet times and 
questions can be anwered within 3 or 4 hours or even earlier. But still 
you are unimformed. Strange.

 please don't bore me with your ANNOUNCEMENTS that you are unimformed. I 
am not interested in the AMOUNT of bruce-moreland-I-don't-know-status 


>If they applied after the entrant list had been published, then what 

>happened might be the right thing.  If they applied before entrants 

>were selected, then maybe not.  If they sent a note a month ago 

>claiming poverty and broken bones, and asking for some sort of help, 

>then maybe not.

if if if.


I could not live with so many if's. 


>> In rgcc people always said to me:

>> Please name the people involved. Who was attacked, which witnesses ?


>Or at least be coherent.  If you are looking over a fence, and 

>something is happening on the other side of the fence that is enraging 

>you, by all means tell us what it is, rather than bringing up old dead 

>stuff from two years ago.

2 years ago means: same people, same events (championship), same way of 


>If you are unable to tell us what is going on, a howl of generic 

>protest is of no use, so I request that you stop.

I have told you what is going on. Thats seems to be more information 
than you can deserve.

 Instead you still see if if if if problems.



>> Now Peter is involved in a case with Mchess and I find it important to 

>>mention this case from paderborn.


>Ok, the case exists.  What is the case about?

I have told all details about this "case" in another thread and here 
also, you told me to stop posting these old stories. Seems you have 
forgotten your own words.


>>Also this decreases the I DON'T KNOW list of bruce.


>Not at all.


Right. Not at all.


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