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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 09:04:17 09/26/97

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On September 26, 1997 at 10:37:10, Thorsten Czub wrote:


>It is not my intention to put risk on other people than me.

> I went to him in Den Haag and said:

Please don't post this old stuff, or post it somewhere else.


>I am not interested if somebody suits somebody.

> I don't discuss this because I want to attack him or icca or bruce or 


> But bruce mentiones aklways that ICCA is nice and FOR the players and 

>this is very nice. And my only point was:

No, I mention that in this case I don't know why you are mad.  I don't 
know what happened, I can't form any opinion about what should have 
happened differently.


If they applied after the entrant list had been published, then what 
happened might be the right thing.  If they applied before entrants 
were selected, then maybe not.  If they sent a note a month ago 
claiming poverty and broken bones, and asking for some sort of help, 
then maybe not.


> In rgcc people always said to me:

> Please name the people involved. Who was attacked, which witnesses ?

Or at least be coherent.  If you are looking over a fence, and 
something is happening on the other side of the fence that is enraging 
you, by all means tell us what it is, rather than bringing up old dead 
stuff from two years ago.


If you are unable to tell us what is going on, a howl of generic 
protest is of no use, so I request that you stop.


> Now Peter is involved in a case with Mchess and I find it important to 

>mention this case from paderborn.

Ok, the case exists.  What is the case about?


>Also this decreases the I DON'T KNOW list of bruce.

Not at all.




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