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Subject: Re: WMCCC

Author: Thorsten Czub

Date: 07:37:10 09/26/97

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>So let's talk about icca and $1000 and MChess and all the rest, but 

>lets make sure we use mealy mouthed language that skirts around and 

>doesn't run the risk of landing anybody in the libel courts.




It is not my intention to put risk on other people than me.

 I went to him in Den Haag and said:

 Hello Mr. soandso, my name is Thorsten Czub, I am mclane !

 Later we found time to talk and when I remember it right, you sat next 
to me.

 he was very nervous and told something like, the referee in a soccer 
game is allowed to give a player a red-card !

 I told him, this is true, but I have never seen the referee offering 
the player to kick him in the face if he is not coming with him 

 I have - on the other hand - very often seen PLAYERS attack referees.

 But it is new for me that referees attack playersm too.


I am not interested if somebody suits somebody.

 I don't discuss this because I want to attack him or icca or bruce or 

 But bruce mentiones aklways that ICCA is nice and FOR the players and 
this is very nice. And my only point was:


maybe bruce mentiones these nice things because he has never 
experienced bad things.


THIS was the point.

 In rgcc people always said to me:

 Please name the people involved. Who was attacked, which witnesses ?


Now I have named the event, the people involved and the witness in a 
private club (not public) and you tell me it is a big problem ?


From my point of view ONLY peter would have been allowed to tell the 
story in rgcc.

 He has said nothing.

 Now Peter is involved in a case with Mchess and I find it important to 
mention this case from paderborn.


Also this decreases the I DON'T KNOW list of bruce.


Have a nice day.

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