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Subject: Re: Branching factor, make me confuse more that ever.

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 08:53:29 04/04/00

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On April 04, 2000 at 06:36:22, leonid wrote:

>Simple things are not that simple that somebody would like to see. Recently
>(trying to find how I must fix my branching factor) I put two counter in my game
>(chess logic). This numbers are:
>1) Number of all nodes that logic (chess logic) see inside of given position.
>2) All the legal nodes (moves) that existe in all plies.
>Deviding those two numbers I recieved 7%.
>The same devision find already many months ago, and that worried me since, for
>the plies starting with ply 6 and up was around 21%. Problem is that best games
>represent proportion that is around 15%. I expect that I probably loose speed
>between ply 2 and 10 in some 1000%.

Possibly because you don't have a quiecence search, or extensions, or do
iterative deepening.


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