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Subject: What Chess programs existed in the '60s?

Author: Pete Galati

Date: 19:47:20 04/13/00

This was more or less mentioned in an earlier thread "Do You know, that...
"  but of course I find none, so I've tried looking around to see if I can find
any web sites with history of computer Chess to try to dig up names.

But search engines don't turn anything up, and in the Computer Chess Resource
Center/Computer Chess Links  section of CCC, Paul Verhelst's very cool webpage
of mostly dead links by now, has this dead link (don't try it, it doesn't work)

So I don't have a clue what was going on during the '60s as far as Chess
programs go.  Accounts that I more or less remember have things starting in '48
as a concept, then late '50s there were more or less working programs, and then
_nothing_ about the '60s, then I saw mention of somebody doing a Chess program
on punch cards (oh my God!) in the early '70s.

There has to have been something going on back then, I just don't find the info.
 Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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