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Subject: Re: WMCCC - may the best man at getting the fastest hardware win :(

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 14:53:51 10/22/97

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On October 22, 1997 at 14:14:16, Chris Whittington wrote:

>On October 22, 1997 at 14:02:23, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>On October 22, 1997 at 13:11:19, Bruce Moreland wrote:
>>>On October 22, 1997 at 09:27:59, Robert Hyatt wrote:
>>>>I've also asked this before, but no answer.  I'll ask again:  "how fast
>>>>is not too fast".  IE what is the maximum allowable mhz you'd want to
>>>>Why is a PII/300 not an issue when it is significantly faster than a
>>>>why is a 500 (or 766mhz) alpha a problem, when my 500 mhz machine is
>>>>probably not even 1.5x the PII/300?
>>>>Again, "how fast is too fast"???
>>>To save Chris the trouble, I think he would argue that any machine you
>>>bring that is faster than the tournament machine, is too fast.
>>>I mentioned a P5/60 vs a 486/66, which was the "fast" machine vs the
>>>"standard" machine in 1993, and he said this was unfair, too.
>>I don't agree, because he said that the P5/133 vs P5/120 was O.K.  and
>>that the PII/300 vs the AMD K6/233 was "ok".  But a 500mhz alpha (my
>>vs the AMD is "not ok."  I was looking for quantification of what
>>"ok" means...
>You can have a 'qualification'. Fast alphas are a CLASS ABOVE.

I'm looking for "quantify" rather than "qualify".  IE, give me a number
that is the upper bound for acceptable hardware.  IE if the PII/300 is
ok, then the 500mhz alpha should be ok... they are comparable.

Quantify == give me numbers.  Specific example numbers.  1.5x faster
K6/233 is ok.  1.3X faster than K6/233 is ok...  Some *number*.  Not
just that
"alphas are a CLASS ABOVE"...

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