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Subject: Debug Help

Author: Georg v. Zimmermann

Date: 02:56:05 09/16/00


the program I am toying around with crashes a lot lately with a write to memory
outside its adress space, when I debug it I see the error occurs in one line
where a bitboard operator is defined. It also shows illegal values in  board

Now I can think of different causes of this problem

1.) My computer has some hardware problems. This seems to be unlikely but ... Is
there any program out there that "simulates" a chess program by extensively
using Ram and CPU ressources which you can let run for say 1 day and which
reports whether a computation  error occured in that time ?

a) I assign some value to X[11] where X is initialized to hold only 10 values.
b) I assign X[1]= 300 when X only hold 8 bit int for example.

How can I check this ? I did a search on array bounds tools and found a program
called insure++. Unfortunately it crashes (!) while trying to compile my program
from MSVC5, not a good sign for a tool that is supposed to make your program
more stable. No, I was not amused :). Does anyone know of a better tool ? Should
I get MSVC6, does it have better error handling in that area ?

I was also considering using a special array_with_bounds class and overwrite the
normal [] operator to insert a out of bounds check with every call. This would
slow the program way down but maybe find the error. Has anyone tried that with
good results ?

There is an infinite loop somewhere. Well I hope I didn't miss something as
basic as that :)


I hope you forgive this is a bit off topic but while I get better at search
algorithms and knowledge programming I am pretty clueless about low level stuff
and really need help please!

If someone can point me to a _good_ C message board I would also appreciate

Best regards,

Georg v. Zimmermann

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