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Subject: Re: Singular extensions

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 17:00:31 01/08/98

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On January 08, 1998 at 17:01:56, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>Could this be how Genius gets the answer to Wac 141 extremely quickly?

could be.  I haven't talked with richard in a *long* time.  I do
his letting slip that the only difference between two versions of Genius
was singular extensions, although I can't believe he was able to do both
the fail-high *and* PV extensions without taking too big a hit.  I seem
to remember that genius 2 was the program that started with these
but I'm no longer certain.  It would certainly help with WAC 141.

BTW, on this subject, after fixing the check extension problem with the
hash table, I now get a fail high on Qxf4 in 25 seconds or so.  But I
let Crafty search for a *long* time and it can't get a score back.  Long
= > 10 minutes.  It gets into the 9 ply search and fails high on Qf4,
when I have peeked into the tree, it has found a mate, but it apparently
also follows *lots* of other mating lines as well.

Does anyone else get a real mate here in reasonable time?  I've been
extensions and none seem to be "out of control"..  However, this has
been *the*
hard problem for Crafty for a couple of years, so at least it now finds
right move fairly quickly...

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