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Subject: Marcus Kastner versus Millennium (again)

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 23:54:01 12/05/00

Sorry to bring this issue up again but I would appreciate some feedback.

I don't know if this issue is considered off-topic but then for me it is
very on-topic and I will explain why.

Marcus Kastner recently posted here some info about his juridical fight
with Millennium which was followed here by a defence of Millennium.

Much to my dislike the good name of Rebel and Chess Tiger were used
to fight the war between the 2 gentlemen. Email did not help and so
the discussion went on and on forcing Christophe and me to react so
now and then in order to keep things in balance.

During all of this the implication was Rebel and Tiger had using so called
"foreknowledge" via Marcus Kastner (the Tiger operator) against
Shredder in London 2000 during the WCCC indirectly questioning the good
results of Rebel and Tiger.

Although Millennium stated "No Ed you did not cheat" the presentation
felt different and I would like to know if some of you feel the same

The purpose of my question is to estimate if there is some damage
done to the good name of Rebel and Chess Tiger and if this is true
defend myself and restore things if possible.

And no, I am not going to sue. The worse thing that can happen I will
write a public statement on my pages and that will be it.

Another purpose of this posting is to avoid this whole unfortunate
story will be presented in a wrong way in the chess press later. I
mean the discussion here ended in a very unclear way while even I did
not understand anymore what the point of Millennium was leaving not
only me but also CCC in the dark.

So some feedback is really appreciated as I don't like to be called a
cheater indirectly.

The discussion ended in the below confusing way and I take back my "or
rest your case" in my last sentence as I think Millennium should have
reacted on this, which I asked in email, but nothing was coming.



Christophe, it was not me who started spreading this information. Please read
Marcus' magazine. I got all my information from there.

I don't have the magazine, and I don't read german accurately enough. That's
unfortunate, but if I ask somebody to send me the magazine and then find someone
else to translate the article for me, it's going to take 2 weeks or more.

This might be a good idea.

I don't think so and I will explain why.

You decided to defend your case here in public.

So post what the accusations against Marcus are.

Quote the magazine and explain what Marcus did wrong in your opinion.

Now confusion is all around, I haven't read ChessBits and the WCCCM
article. It is even unclear to me why you are suing Marcus on what
he wrote in his magazine.

I understand you are not suing Marcus to have used his knowledge
in favor of Rebel and Tiger in London as that was what I understand
at first. Now you seem to deny that. But then what? I completely
lost track.

Please clarify or rest your case.


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